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Today we celebrate the National Chess Day

National Chess Day Foto: Lilian Lukka

7 January / Today, January 7, is the 105th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres, which is why the Estonian National Museum and the Estonian Chess Federation encourage all to play chess and take photos of this special occasion. 

This is the day when we in Estonia celebrate the National Chess Day. “To make it memorable, simply find another chess enthusiast, play a game and take a photo of it,” explains Heino Laiapea, an avid chess player who has initiated this event. All chess gameplay photos taken on this day are welcome, even if you play against the computer. 

Five years ago, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres, the Estonian National Museum also invited all to play a game of chess. As a result, the museum’s image bank received 184 photos of people playing chess across Estonia and abroad as well. In those photos we see neighbours, children, their parents and grandparents having fun with chess and sharing their knowledge of this wonderful game. 

Be sure to take photos of yourself playing chess on 7 January. You can upload them to the image bank of the Estonian National Museum until 1 April. You should start by reviewing the image requirements and the terms and conditions for uploading photos to the image bank. If you have no time to play and take a photo today, you can do it later.

In April a panel will convene to select the best and most special chess gameplay entries. There will be prizes from the Estonian Chess Federation, the Estonian National Museum, the Estonian Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics.

The “Chess with your neighbour” photo campaign is supported by the Estonian Chess Federation, the Estonian Chess Support Association and the Eesti Maleelu newspaper.

Attached is the photo of two ice queens immersed in a game of chess, by Lilian Lukka.

Further information:
Heino Laiapea
Phone 523 7120

Last changed 07.01.2021