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Upturn in the number of travellers on the Tartu-Helsinki route

lennujaam Foto: Valeri Parhomenko

7 June / The number of travellers on the Tartu-Helsinki route grew in May as the passenger load factor increased by eight per cent.

 At the end of April, Finnair’s new flight timetable took effect, which makes it possible for one to fly from Tartu to Helsinki early in the morning and from Helsinki to Tartu late at night. According to Tartu Airport, a total of 2147 passengers travelled on the Tartu-Helsinki-Tartu route in May, and in comparison with the previous year the passenger load factor has grown by eight per cent, reaching 63%.

Finnair reached an agreement with the City of Tartu on new flight times and a busier flight schedule. ‘I am very pleased that passengers have embraced the schedule change in its initial form,' said Helen Kalberg, Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu.

Argo Annuk, Tartu Airport Manager, added that the current flight schedule offers fliers from Tartu many different opportunities – it is possible to visit nearly all of the capital cities of Europe in a single day.

Tartu-Helsinki flights will be departing six days a week. The flight will depart Tartu at 05.35 and arrive in Helsinki at 06.20. The Helsinki-Tartu flight will depart at 00.05 and arrive in Tartu at 00.50. There will be no flights between Helsinki-Tartu on Saturday night and in the direction of Tartu-Helsinki on early Sunday morning

Last changed 07.06.2018