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Urmas Klaas will continue as Mayor of Tartu

Tartu City Government

Tartu Town Hall

17 November / At the opening session of the 9th Tartu City Council, which took place on 7 November 2017, Aadu Must was elected Chairman of the City Council and Ene Ergma was elected Vice-Chairman.

A total of 27 members voted for Aadu Must, who was jointly nominated for the position of Chairman of the City Council by the Estonian Reform Party, the Estonian Centre Party, and election coalition For the Good of Tartu. 

On 14 November, the Tartu City Council appointed Urmas Klaas as Mayor. Deputy Mayors Reno Laidre, Madis Lepajõe, Monica Rand, Raimond Tamm, and Tiia Teppan were confirmed. 

In the selection of Mayor, Urmas Klaas (Estonian Reform Party) received the support of 32 of the 47 votes cast. Thirteen representatives voted against Klaas.

The structure of the city government was confirmed as having six members – the mayor and five deputy majors.

Votes were distributed as follows during the vote for city government: Reno Laidre (Estonian Reform Party) – for 29, against 17; Madis Lepajõe (Estonian Centre Party) – for 34, against 12; Monica Rand (Estonian Centre Party) – for 27, against 19; Raimond Tamm (Estonian Reform Party) – for 37, against 9; Tiia Teppan (Estonian Reform Party) – for 32, against 13. 

The City Council is comprised of eight permanent committees: Committee of Urban Planning and Development, Committee of Education, Committee of Culture, Committee of Municipal Property, Committee of Economic Affairs, Committee of Finances, Committee of Internal Audit, and the Committee of Social Care. 

Four factions were registered in the Council: The Estonian Reform Party, the Estonian Social Democratic Party, the Estonian Centre Party, and the Estonian Conservative People’s Party. 

Further information: 
Chairman of the City Council Aadu Must, 515 7138 
Mayor Urmas Klaas, 736 1221, 513 5145 

Last changed 17.11.2017