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We are calling on interested parties to participate in the activities of an international integration project

15 May / CRISCO: Crossroad of the Regions – language barriers to integration

People from nearly one hundred different nationalities are living among Estonians in Tartu. What is important is that every resident of Tartu feels good about living in the city, having a say and expressing their views. The City of Tartu is calling on residents and institutions to participate in the various events taking place from 21–23 May, which serve to draw attention to Tartu’s cohesion and that the communities living next to one another in Tartu would know each other and that everyone, regardless of their origin, would have a chance to contribute to what is taking place in Tartu.

Events taking place within the framework of the week:

21 May

17:00 Orienteering in the city (starting point at the fountain ‘Kissing Students’)
There are many exciting places in Tartu, which are open to everyone and which it pays to know!

19:00 Estonian Garden, Italian pizza
Let's make pizza together in the Aleksandri Open Garden (end point for orienteering in the city)

22 May
10-12:00 Good practices, which will help to increase the feeling of unity with the community: RITA – Discussion of the Migration Research Project at the University of Tartu Institute of Journalism and Communication (Lossi 36-206)

23 May
9:00-16:00 Intercultural Cities Program – what is this? (City Library)

The exhibition We Are All Tartu is also open in the University of Tartu Institute of Journalism and Communication (Lossi 36) during Multicultural Week

Events are taking place within the framework of the CRISCO project, are being organised by the City of Tartu, International House Tartu, University of Tartu’s RITA – Migration Research Project, and the Aleksandri Open Garden.

Additional information and registration: https://www.facebook.com/events/400473500504597/

or contact us directly:

Kelli Ilisson
E-mail: kelli.ilisson@raad.tartu.ee
Tel: +372-5305-0295.


Last changed 15.05.2019