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Honorary cultural titles of the year

The honorary title of Kultuurikandja is a way for the City of Tartu to recognise people and collectives in Tartu for their remarkable cultural achievements in the preceding 12 months, or people and collectives whose work and activities have contributed significantly to the creation of cultural values in the city.

Everyone is welcome to nominate candidates for honorary titles. The winners are chosen by a broad-ranging committee established under the order of the Department of Culture of Tartu City Government which is made up of pre-eminent experts in different fields of culture.
The winners of the honorary titles awarded for creative achievements in the previous year are announced during a formal ceremony taking place at the beginning of the new year. Honorary titles are awarded in 8 categories in an effort to recognise and support the diversity of culture.

Honorary Titles 2019

  • Cultural Event of the Year: Tartu Song Festival 2019 "The 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Festival" received recognition form the city for educational and artistically outstanding festival.
  • Special award: concert promoter Live Nation Estonia for organizing the Metallica concert on July 18, 2019 at Raadi Airport.
  • Cultural Organisation of the Year: University Tartu Museum for its outstanding exhibitional activities in 2019.
  • Creator of the Year: film director Vallo Toomla for his documentary Verba Dierum: a Year with Marju Lepajõe
  • Folk Culture Bearer of the Year: conductor Triin Koch for her remarkable work as musical director and chief conductor of the Tartu Song Festival 2019.
  • Young Culture Bearer of the Year:  young musician and poet Kaisa Kuslapuu for her witty performances in 2019.
  • Culture Organiser of the Year:  Kadri Asmer for coordinating and organizing jubilee events "National University 100".
  • Newcomer of the Year: Tartu 2024 Team for its contribution to the designation of Tartu and the whole of South-Estonia as 2024 European Capital of Culture.
  • Culture Reflector of the Year:  art historian Krista Piirimäe for her long-term reflection on Tartu art life.
  • Culture-Friendly Company of the Year: shipping company AS Tallink Grupp for its permanent support to Theatre Vanemuine.
Tartu 2024 Team. Photo by Gabriela Liivamägi.

Last changed 10.07.2020