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Tartu - European Capital of Culture 2024

Tartu - European Capital of Culture 2024

European Capitals of Culture (ECoC) is one of the most recognised and treasured EU projects that started already in 1985.
By 2020 60 European cities will have held the title.

It brings together all ideas, people and stakeholders in the city or region. Through culture and art, Tartu as an European Capital of Culture improves the quality of life and strengthens its sense of community. Among the rest.

Tartu and the local governments of Southern Estonia worked closely together to ensure that Tartu became the European Capital of Culture in 2024.
In 2024 Tartu and the Southern Estonian region is the centre of the whole Europe.

Arts of Survival

"ARTS OF SURVIVAL" ...is the leading theme of our Tartu 2024 bid books and our artistic concept. 

"Arts of Survival" is meant to express the power of the arts in affecting Europe’s future in three larger areas of life: environmentally friendly culture with a focus on real human communication, strong communities and essential skills for living and, indeed, survival in the coming years.

With messages and actions that value the individual and with the help of our Southern Estonian partners, even a city the size of Tartu can stand out in 21st century Europe.

The three main themes where the Arts of Survival come to life are as follows: "Tartu with Earth: Ecology Before Economy", "Tartu with Humanity; Forward to the Roots", "Tartu with Europe: Greater Smaller Cities". Each of these programme lines consists a number of transversal, transnational and transgenerational projects which open up the "Arts of Survival" values.


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Last changed 23.11.2023