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Cooperation of Tartu and Turku

Tartu signed its first cooperation document with Turku on 21 June 1996. Villa Tammekann, situated in Tartu, was restored in cooperation between the University of Tartu and the University of Turku as well as the City of Tartu and the City of Turku. The villa mainly serves as the University of Turku’s place of representation and accommodation in Tartu.

Turku is also a member of the Union of Baltic Cities (UBC) and Hanseatic League.

The City of Tartu has acknowledged a number of people developing and maintaining good relations between the two cities by presenting them with decorations of honour of Tartu.

 The recipient of the Star of Tartu from Turku was:

  • Armas O. Lahoniitty, who is a former mayor of Turku.

The recipient of the Medal of Tartu from Turku was:

  • Reino Lemmetyinen, who promotes and develops adult training and adult education. Since 1994 he has been the builder of an educational and cultural bridge as well as the creator of significant cooperation and friendly relations between the cities of Tartu and Turku. He has also contributed greatly to the development of Tartu Folk High School.


Armas O. Lahoniitty is receiving the ,,Star of Tartu''.

Last changed 04.04.2023