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Construction work begins at the Tartu Riga roundabout

11 June / On Thursday, June 10, construction work for the second stage of the Tartu western bypass will begin, in the course of which the Riga roundabout will become multi-levelled.

The installation of temporary traffic signs and advance notices has begun. Redirection signs and advance notices will be installed over the next two weeks.

This week, removal of the collision barriers separating the lanes from Raja Street to the Riga roundabout and the construction of a temporary road extension for the time of the construction are planned.

Next week, milling and installation of underground communication systems will begin in the same section. The construction of lane extensions for the time of the construction of the Riga roundabout will also begin.

During construction work, traffic is ensured on a minimum of 1+1 lanes. Users are recommended to avoid passing through the construction area if possible. If it is unavoidable, observe the temporary traffic control signs and be careful about the movement of construction machinery and workers.

Passing through the Riga roundabout will be difficult throughout the next 21 months of construction. When passing through the construction area, additional time must be set aside for commuting to work or home, but the goal is to ensure safer and smoother traffic through Tartu's most dangerous transport hub.

Approximately 2.5 km of state roads will be rebuilt, 2 km of city streets will be reconstructed and almost 2.4 km of new city streets will be built as part of the second stage of the Western Tartu Bypass construction project. Nine roundabouts and three new viaducts will be built for vehicles, including a 316.2 m long viaduct over the Riga roundabout.

The aim of the work is to increase the level of traffic safety, increase the flow and permeability of traffic. In the design solution of the Riga roundabout, the mobility of light traffic users have been given priority and their traffic has been facilitated as much as possible.

Light traffic roads will be reconstructed or added to the extent of approximately 8.4 km. Five road crossings of differing levels will be built for pedestrians and cyclists, two of which will consist of two separate viaducts or structures.

In addition, 1120 metres of noise walls and approximately 11,670 metres of stormwater pipes will be built, and approximately 380 new street lighting masts, 781 traffic signs and 212 signs will be installed. During the renovation of the landscaping, 300 new trees and 700 shrubs will be planted.

The construction period is 21 months long and the work should be completed in the beginning of 2023.

The designer of the second stage of the Western Tartu Bypass project is Teedeprojekt OÜ, the main contractors are GRK Infra AS and GRK Infra OY and owner supervision is performed by BRP Insenerid OÜ. The cost of the procurement, including possible unforeseen work, amounts to 29,214,814.68 euros.

The planned end result can be seen here:

Recommended detour routes during the construction of the Riga roundabout:

The construction object in numbers:

Additional information on emerging traffic restrictions will be provided on an ongoing basis:
On the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Estonian Transport Administration
On the website of the city of Tartu at www.tartu.ee and on the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tartulinn


Last changed 11.06.2021