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In cooperation with entrepreneurs, seven events to enliven the urban space will be held this summer

Tartu City Government Press Release

Car-Free Avenue Photo: Evelin Lumi

20 May / At the end of April, the Tartu City Government, in cooperation with entrepreneurs and cultural institutions, collected ideas for summer events in order to revive businesses in the City Centre during the summer months and offer both city residents and visitors a wider range of options for spending their free time in Tartu’s City Centre. Dozens of participants took part, with the result being the creation of seven initiatives to enliven the urban space, including support of up to EUR 50,000 from the city government.

A total of 30 entrepreneurs and experts in the field helped to gather ideas. Seven ideas emerged from the joint brainstorming, which are being carried out by different Tartu entrepreneurs and for which the Tartu City Government is offering support, both financially and in the form of marketing activities.
Activities born from brainstorming:
- Rüütli Rist, which has been familiar to city residents since last summer, where several companies are working together to offer an entertainment programme that creates added value for the urban space and invites people to spend time on the terraces of nearby restaurants and on the pedestrian street.
- Emajõgi Riviera, or monthly sunset concerts on the river bank near Little Cuba.
- Electric theatre cinema evenings in Pepe’s magical summer garden, where both newer and classic films will be shown.
- Tastes of four different national cuisines and different cultural workshops on Car-Free Avenue.
- Emajõgi Culture Harbour, or pop-up concert stage on the left bank of the Emajõgi River, with an audience area that offers a variety of activities from music quizzes to concerts, both on weekdays and weekends.
- The picnic area on the other bank, i.e. the left bank of the Emajõgi River, is waiting to be discovered either as a picnic area or simply as a pleasant place to spend time. Picnic baskets can also be bought on site.
- The common area shared by Tartu’s Museums on Car-Free Avenue, where each museum offers different activities on a specific day.
The events will stimulate the urban space throughout the summer, with many of them being connected to Car-Free Avenue taking place from 9 July through 8 August.

This year, everyone who was interested was able to have their say in the preparation of the Car-Free Avenue programme, with 37 different proposals received as a result of the public collection of ideas. The authors of all of the ideas will be contacted in order to clarify their plans. The selected ideas can then be announced in the programme.

Last changed 20.05.2021