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On Monday, repairs lasting two months will begin on Turu Street

Tartu City Government Press Release

On Monday, repairs lasting two months will begin on Turu Street Foto: Ove Maidla

27 May / On Monday, 31 May, restoration works will begin at the intersection of Turu Street and Riia Street. The road works will last for a period of two months, with two-way traffic being maintained in the area of the works for the duration.

According to Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, the city is working to ensure that road works are performed quickly on these busy streets and that there is minimal traffic disruption. Thus, milling and asphalting works of carriageways are planned for evening hours (22.00–06.00), the rest of the construction works will take place on working days from 8.00–20.00 and on weekends from 10.00–20.00. ‘As a result of the works, both carriageways and pavements will receive new asphalt surfacing, and with some minor innovations, the situation for pedestrians and public transport users will further improve,’ said Tamm.
Turu Street, from Aida Street to Riia Street, and Riia Street, from Kalevi Street to Võidu Bridge, will be repaved. During the renovation, a bus pocket will be built at the Aura Waterpark and a traffic island will be built in front of the exit from the Aura Waterpark and the Zeppelin Centre. The pavement for the bus pockets at the Kaubamaja stop will be renewed on Riia Street.
The repairs will take place in four stages:
Stage I (31.05–28.06): Depreciated kerbs will be replaced and footpaths and traffic islands will be refurbished. A bus stop pocket will be built at Aura and preparatory works will be performed on Turu and Riia streets. Traffic closures will be kept to a minimum, based on work sections, and the passage of cars will be maintained during the performance of works. During the course of the rehabilitation of footpaths, the pavement and foundations will be renewed, traffic islands will be built, and defective kerbs will be removed.
Stage II (27.06–09.07): restoration works on the Turu and Riia street carriageways will take place. Road closures will be lane based and work will be carried out from 22.00–06.00. The passage of cars will be maintained during the performance of works. At the end of June, the excavation of existing carriageway surfacing will begin on Riia Street. The excavation of existing carriageway surfacing along Turu Street will take place from 30 June–2 July. The excavation of existing carriageway surfacing and asphalting takes place at night. During the day, the height of manholes will be adjusted to match the milled plane.
Stage III (28.06–16.07): To allow for restauration works to be performed on the Kaubamaja bus pocket the bus pocket located in front of the Kaubamaja will be closed. The bus pockets in front of Aura and Kaubamaja will receive new pavement from 12–16 July. Temporary bus stops will be built near the intersection of Rigi Street and Ülikooli Street.
Stage IV (19.07–23.07): the carriageway of Turu and Riia streets will be marked and traffic signs will be renewed. Normal traffic management is restored.

Last changed 27.05.2021