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The Tartu Food and Wine Festival to be held in accordance with safety rules

Tartu City Government Press Release

The Tartu Food and Wine Festival to be held in accordance with safety rules Photo: Maanus Kullamaa

4 August / The Tartu Food and Wine Festival, which will be taking place in the heart of the city and in Tammelinn’s home cafés from 6–8 August, has additional safety measures in place due to the growing threat of coronavirus. Among other things, visitors to the wine area must present a health certificate, the infectious safety of traders is checked, food tastings will not be taking place, tables will be placed a sufficient distance apart, and security staff will ensure that people remain dispersed.

‘Our goal is to keep Tartu open, but we can only do so if all of the parties involved contribute to safety – the organisers, traders and visitors to the festival,’ said Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas. ‘The coming weekend presents an opportunity for both Tartu residents and visitors to prove that events can continue to take place with responsible behaviour,’ he added.
Only healthy people are welcome to attend the events taking place in the centre of Tartu this coming weekend. Before entering the wine area, visitors must present a valid health certificate confirming completion of the vaccination course, recovery from COVID-19, or a negative test result for a COVID test administered within the last 72 hours.
In addition, the dispersal of people will be ensured in the festival’s food area, the possibility of hand disinfection ensured, and the number of visitors in home cafés will be limited on Sunday’s Tammelinn Home Café Day.
The vaccine bus will be waiting on Küüni Street for anyone who has not yet been vaccinated, across from the Tartu Kaubamaja, from 12–20 on 6–8 August, where vaccinations without prior registration will be administered over the course of the entire weekend.

Last changed 04.08.2021