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Tartu’s new comprehensive plan is on public display

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu city Foto: Tarmo Haud

22 April / Public display of the comprehensive plan for the City of Tartu 2040+ began this week. During the exhibition, which will last until 20 May, feedback from Tartu residents is expected and a number of public discussions will take place.

Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas invites all residents of Tartu to actively join in the discussion regarding the comprehensive plan. ‘This is Tartu’s most important development document, in which we will be setting the city’s spatial development directions for the next couple of decades,’ said the mayor.

The main task of the new comprehensive plan is to connect the Tähtvere area, which joined Tartu during the course of administrative reform, with the city, thus creating a spatial whole. However, many other topics have also been specified in the plan, and all parts of the comprehensive plan are open for discussion.

The comprehensive plan is available in a new digital book format on the Tartu homepage. It can also be seen during the public exhibition at the Town Hall Information Centre and the Ilmatsalu Hobby Centre.

Feedback can be given until 20 May in the digital book environment of the general plan, by e-mail (Lpmko@tartu.ee) or by standard letter (Raekoja plats 3, Tartu).

On 3 May, public discussions will begin in different city districts, and discussions will also take place on the topics of the Emajõgi hiking trail and non-motorised traffic. In connection with preventing the spread of the corona virus the discussions will take place online. Detailed information about the discussions, along with web links, can be found on the Tartu website before the discussions begin.

All information about Tartu’s comprehensive plan: www.tartu.ee/uldplaneering2040

Last changed 22.04.2021