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Zutphen and Deventer

Cooperation between Tartu and Zutphen and Deventer

On 13 June 1990 the City of Tartu and the cities of Zutphen and Deventer signed a five-year cooperation agreement to enhance partnership and friendship.

In 2004 Tartu City Government and Tartu City Council reviewed the city’s cooperation with these partner cities and decided to declare Zutphen and Deventer official sister cities.

Both of the cities are members of the Hanseatic League.

The Dutch have allowed the City of Tartu to gain invaluable experience with regard to caring for elderly people with special mental needs and organising waste management.

Chiel Dohmen, a chef from Zutphen, took part in the Twin Towns' National Cuisine Days event in Tartu two years in a row, preparing Dutch dishes at the Atlantis restaurant.

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Chef from Zutphen Chiel Dohmen.
Chef from Zutphen Chiel Dohmen.

Last changed 07.12.2020