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Information for Ukrainian war refugees in Tartu

Information for Ukrainian refugees and donation opportunities
Educational opportunities
Recreational activities

Information for Ukrainian refugees and donation opportunities

Contacts for Ukrainian war refugees in Tartu

Applying for a temporary protection

Applying for a temporary protection is simplified for people fleeing from Ukraine. The recipients of temporary protection are covered by health insurance, have the right to work in Estonia and access to basic education ensured for their children. The protection extends to the families of the refugees and can initially be obtained for a period of one year, then extended. Book an appointment for applying for temporary protection here (choose option 9).

Request a personal identification code
•    Tartu Welcome Centre (Ülikooli 17, tel: +372-5191-3248; [email protected])
•    Tartu City Government, tel: +372 742 0856; [email protected].

Local Ukrainian community
Coordination Center of Ukrainians in Tartu – [email protected]; Facebook group "Українці в Тарту / Ukrainians in Tartu
Educational opportunities

 Finding a job

Medical care

  • Health Insurance Fund - www.haigekassa.ee/en/information-ukrainian-war-refugees

  • Family Doctor's Advice Line 1220 (when calling with a foreign calling card +372-634-6630)

  • Emergency medical care (ambulance) – 112
  • Psychological support - 116 006 (+372 6147 393). In addition, you can also chat online at www.palunabi.ee/en. Support is provided in Estonian, English and Russian.

Police and Rescue Board – 112
State helpline: 1247 (when calling with a foreign calling card: +372-600-1247)
Official information and recommendations based on the European security situation: https://kriis.ee/en

Consultation for getting started in Tartu
Tartu Welcome Centre (Ülikooli 17), +372-5191-3248; [email protected], https://tartuwelcomecentre.ee

International House Tartu
offers new migrants programs and events that help to get to know Tartu and develop the networks in the new place of residence. Among other activities, the new migrants can join the sports program where one can get some of the sports-related costs compensated. International House Tartu also offers advice and help to new migrant parents on questions related to children education, and consults and supports Estonian schools that have migrant children.

Arriving in Estonia with a pet
Due to the military situation in Ukraine, Estonia is simplifying the requirements for pets travelling with refugees from Ukraine as a temporary procedure. The requirements are relaxed in particular for dogs, cats, and ferrets. More information.

Ukrainian war refugees to ride free of charge on Tartu city buses

Tartu is granting Ukrainian war refugees the right to travel for free by city bus for a whole year.

The right to free travel for a period of one year will be issued to Ukrainian war refugees on the basis of a personal identification code together with a personalised bus card. If you already have a bus card, the right to travel free of charge will be transferred to the existing card.

War refugees can apply for free travel at the City of Tartu Information Centre (Raekoja plats 1a), or the Tartu Welcome Centre (Ülikooli 17).

Possible arrival and adaptation of Ukrainian citizens in Estonia

An overview of the opportunities for Ukrainian citizens to come and stay in Estonia:

Overview of the current conditions of the possible arrival and adaptation of Ukrainian citizens in Estonia

Donation opportunities

This page contains information on how it is possible to provide assistance for Ukrainian citizens in these difficult times. If any important information is missing, please let us know at [email protected]






  • State helpline 1247
  • Consular assistance questions for Estonian citizens staying in Ukraine: +372 5301 9999

Last changed 07.03.2023

Information about nursery schools, general education schools and hobby education for Ukrainian war refugees

Information from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research: Children and young people having arrived in Estonia from Ukraine

Obtaining a place in nursery school

In order to obtain a place in nursery school, please choose one of the following options:

  • Contact the Tartu City Government Department of Education (Raekoja plats 12, 2nd floor) Riina Voore, phone +372-504-2506, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Contact the following nursery schools:
    • Tartu Nursery School Annike (Anne 9), Katrin Nurm, phone +372-514-5562, [email protected]
    • Tartu Nursery School Mõmmik (Mõisavahe 32), Inna Usmanova, phone +372-5344-8030, [email protected]
    • Tartu Nursery School Kelluke (Kaunas pst 69), Julia Eskor, phone +372-552-3326, [email protected]
  • Contact the nursery school that is closest to the location where your family is staying. List of nursery schools: www.tartu.ee/tartu-linna-munitsipaallasteaiad

Obtaining a place in school

In order to obtain a place in school, please choose one of the following options:

  • Contact the Tartu City Government Department of Education (Raekoja plats 12, 2nd floor) Katrin Parv, phone +372-518-4110, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Contact the following schools:
    • Tartu Annelinna Gymnasium (Kaunas pst 68), Hiie Asser, phone: +372-503-9813, [email protected]
    • Tartu Aleksander Pušhkin School (Uus 54), Alina Braziulene, phone +372-5332-4849, [email protected]
    • Tartu Descartes School (Anne 65), Jaan Reinson, phone +372-746-1801, [email protected]
    • Tartu Raatuse School (Raatuse 88a), Toomas Kink, +372-506-4297, [email protected]
  • Contact the school that is closest to the location where your family is staying. List of schools www.tartu.ee/uldhariduskoolid#pohikoolid

Vocational Education

Tartu Vocational College (VOCO) offers a profession curriculum. The purpose of the profession curriculum is to provide additional support and preparation upon entry into formal vocational education or working life. Welcome to participate in the course are young people who have acquired a basic education, being suitable for young people of different ages.
Contacts: Kopli 1a, Ksenia George, phone +372-5854-1134, [email protected], https://voco.ee

Tartu Art School offers a safe school environment, adaptation through manual and creative activities to young people interested in art, design and IT (preferably young people between the ages of 15 and 26). It is also possible to continue your professional studies. Ready to receive and possibly offer part-time work to teachers, artists in the field of art and design.
Contacts: Eha 41, Kadi Kreis, phone 5332-0357, [email protected]; www.tartukunstikool.ee/kontakt

Heino Eller Music College opens its doors to young Ukrainians who wish to continue their music education. We welcome young people from age 15 onwards to study various instruments (classical music), choral conducting, classical voice studies, composition, rhythm music and traditional music. We can also offer work to 1-2 Ukrainian teachers in the fields of languages, music, entrepreneurship, etc.
Contacts: e-mail to [email protected] or call: +372 7423 705 ; +372 7423 384. Additional information: www.tmk.ee

Hobby Education

Children and adults are offered many recreational activities in Tartu. List of hobby groups in Tartu
If you find a suitable group, you must contact the contact person for the relevant hobby group.
Information about hobby education: Tartu City Government Department of Culture (Raekoja plats 12, 2nd floor) Mari-Ann Saluste, phone +372-5911-6614, e-mail: [email protected].

Higher Education

University of Tartu

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, the University will create additional study places for Ukrainian citizens free of charge. The University is prepared to create up to 250 additional free study places for students from Ukraine in the 2022/2023 academic year. In addition, the University is providing jobs for academic staff arriving from Ukraine. Additional information: https://ut.ee/en/ukraina

Estonian language self-study materials

Base language: Ukrainian

- Textbook “Розмовляємо естонською. [Мініграматика з тематичним словником]" (https://e-koolikott.ee/rest/uploadedFile/14735/UkrainapperaamattrykkiUUS-2-63.pdf) Suitable for both teenagers and adults.

- Dictionary of daily activities, household items, medical terms (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AFZOuhgbgKMtAVbzBnyMpw-39b-0SGR_?usp=sharing). Pictures with words, useful questions.

Base language: Russian

- Online course Keeleklikk (https://www.keeleklikk.ee/ru/coursemap). Video materials and tasks. Suitable for both children and adults.

- Speakly mobile app (https://speakly.me/). Find instructions to activate one year free use at https://www.integratsioon.ee/ru/samostoyatelnoe-izuchenie-estonskogo-yazyka

- Lingvist mobile app (https://lingvist.com/). 14 days of free use.

Hariduse Tugiteenuste Keskuse Ukraina osakond

Hariduse Tugiteenuste Keskuse alustas 2. mail Ukraina osakond, mis loodi mitmete psühholoogiliste, koordineerimise- ja metodoloogiliste ülesannetega seotud probleemide lahendamiseks, et edendada Ukraina sõjaväepõgenike vaimse tervise kohandamist ja taastamist.

  • pakume tasuta psühholoogilist tuge Ukraina sõjapõgenikest lastele, noorukitele ja perekondadele (individuaalselt ja grupis);
  • osaleme professionaalse koostöö korraldamisel erinevate spetsialiseeritud asutustega;
  • pakume nõustamise-ja järelvalvetuge spetsialistidele, kes töötavad Ukrainast pärit sõjapõgenike laste, noorukite ja peredega, nende suhtlemise ja käitumise probleemide korral;
  • viime läbi lastele, vanematele, spetsialistidele mõeldud erikoolitusi-ja seminare;
  • osaleme Ukraina sõjapõgenike küsimuste ja toetamisega seotud üritustel.

Kellega ühendust võtta

  • Haridusprotsessi koordineerimise ja korraldamise ning HTK Ukraina osakonna töö haldamise kohta:

Sumyk Anna: +372 53 311 728.

  • Psühholoogiliste teenuste osutamise kohta:

Бойченко Наталия: +372 54 300 309 (Natalia. [email protected] tartu. ee)
Чепорнюк Наталья: +372 53 800 415 (Nataliia. [email protected] tartu. ee)
Ukrainast pärit sõjapõgenikke puudutavaid teenuseid saame osutada individuaalselt või grupiviisiliselt.

Individuaalne nõustamine

Osakonnas töötavad psühhoterapeudid - spetsialistid, kellel on väljaõpe ja kogemused kriisipsühholoogilise nõustamise valdkonnas. Kohtumine kestab 45 minutit kuni 1,5 tundi. Kohtumiste arv lepitakse iga kliendiga kokku eraldi, sõltuvalt taotlusest ja olukorrast, kuid keskmiselt mitte rohkem kui 5 korda.

Kohtumise toimumise oluliseks tingimuseks on osakonna spetsialistidega otse konsulteerimine kuupäeva ja kellaaja kokku leppimiseks. Kohtumise saate broneerida kirjutades taotluse SMS-i teel, samuti saates e-kirja ühele spetsialistidest.

Töö rühmades

Kutsume järgmistesse Ukraina sõjapõgenike tugigruppidesse:

1. Psühholoogiline tugirühm lapsevanematele
2. Psühholoogiline tugirühm noorukitele
3. Eneseabigrupid
4. Karjäärinõustamise rühm (koolilõpetajatele, vanus 16-19 aastat)

Oluline: Kõigile Ukraina lastele, noorukitele ja nende vanematele on psühholoogilised konsultatsioonid, testimis- ja grupiprogrammid Hariduse Tugiteenuste Keskus tasuta.


Tööaeg: E-N kell 9.00–18.00, R kell 9.00–16.00, nädalavahetused: L-P

Kus me asume: Raekoja plats 12

Last changed 16.05.2022

Recreational activities for Ukrainian war refugees

Ukrainian war refugees are welcome at the library

Central Library:
Tartu Oskar Luts City Library: Kompanii 3/5, tel: +372-736-1380 (general information); e-mail [email protected]; www.luts.ee

Tartu Public Library's branch libraries:

  • Annelinn branch: Kaunase pst. 23, tel: +372-746-1040, e-mail [email protected]
  • Ilmatsalu branch: Kooli tee 5, Ilmatsalu, tel: +372-736-1372, e-mail [email protected]
  • Karlova branch: Tehase 16 (Sisustus E Kaubamaja), tel: +372-730-8473, e-mail [email protected]
  • Tammelinn branch: Suur Kaar 56, tel: +372-746-1035, e-mail [email protected]
  • Lubja branch: Staadioni 73, tel: +372-736-1698

Libraries offer the opportunity to:

  • Access the Internet, follow the news, and use a range of public services. Librarians are always ready to help you.
  • Books and magazines can be read on site and borrowed to take home. Our libraries also have literature in Ukrainian – ask a librarian for help. Ukrainian literature in the library.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in libraries.
  • Sewing machines, scanners and duplicators can be used in all collections (except the Lubja service point).
  • There is also a 3D printer and a 3D scanner in the main building.
  • The main building has a music department, where you can listen to music, play a digital piano, borrow books, records, sheet music and instruments. The branch libraries also have music collections.
  • In addition to books, the children’s sections also have a range of board and computer games, and offer computer classes. Craft resources are available and there are fun play areas for toddlers.
  • If you are interested, we will organise language cafés where you can practise different languages.
  • In addition to Estonian, many of our librarians speak Russian, English and many other languages.
  • We offer free rooms for meetings or events in the central library (hall with 85 seats, coffee room with 25 seats) and branch libraries.

Tartu City History Museums

  • Tartu City Museum (Narva mnt 23)
  • Song Festival Museum (Jaama 14)
  • Oskar Luts House Museum (Riga 38)
  • 19th-century Tartu Citizen’s Home Museum (Jaani 16)

We are offering free admission to all Tartu City History Museums for war refugees. The Tartu City Museum offers city tours in Russian and guided tours of the museum’s exhibitions, as well as arts and crafts classes for families with children. muuseum.tartu.ee/en

TARTU Toy Museum

A general admission ticket includes the Toy Museum at Lutsu St 8 (main exposition, temporary exhibitions, playroom) and the Dollhouse Museum in Theatre House at Lutsu St 2. www.mm.ee/enhttps://mm.ee/uk  

Tartu Youth Work Centre

Tartu Youth Work Centre has three locations:

  • Anne Youth Centre (Uus 56, Tartu) – Located in the Annelinn District, the youth centre is intended for young people aged 7–19. Activities and spaces are divided by age groups: 7–11 and 12–19 years of age. In the youth centre, young people can play board games, communicate with their peers, listen to music, play table tennis, table hockey or Xbox. All activities at the Youth Centre are free of charge and with open participation for young people.
  • Lille Youth Centre (Lille street 9, Tartu) — Located in the City Centre of Tartu, the youth centre is designed for young people aged 7-19. Activities and spaces are divided by age groups: 7–11 and 12–19 years of age. In the youth centre, young people can play board games, communicate with their peers, listen to music, play table tennis, table hockey or Xbox. All activities at the youth centre are free of charge and with open participation for young people. 
  • Ilmatsalu Youth Centre (Järve tee 8, Ilmatsalu) – Ilmatsalu Youth Centre, located in Tartu following the administrative reform, is designed for young people aged 7–19. At the Youth Centre, young people can connect with peers, play board games, play ping-pong, table football, table hockey, WildEst and Xbox. 

All activities at the youth centre are free of charge and with open participation for young people.

Estonian National Museum

Admission for refugees from Ukraine is free for the exhibitions at the Estonian National Museum (Muuseumi tee 2). erm.ee/en

Museum staff are ready to organise museum tours and cultural programmes. The Museum building is open to the Ukrainian community for organising events and/or meetings.

In the permanent exhibition Encounters, the showcase Honour to Ukraine will be open, where visitors will be introduced to objects of Ukrainian origin from the collections of the Estonian National Museum.

University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden

Ukrainian citizens will be granted free admission to the Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu. There will also be free trips to nature for Ukrainians on two occasions per month until the end of November. More information on the website: https://www.natmuseum.ut.ee/et/ukraina

Recreational activities and hobby education

Check out information in the table and find a suitable training, music or art club or other recreational activities. The table also includes the languages in which activities are carried out, the main locations of activities, and contacts for schools and clubs to request further information.

In hobby education and recreational activities, Ukrainian war refugees will receive a 50% discount on tuition fees until June 2023.

Last changed 06.03.2023