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A total of 57 ideas were submitted to Tartu’s participatory budget

Tartu City Government

winning ideas

8 May / City residents submitted a total of 57 ideas on how to use EUR 200,000 from the city’s 2019 budget to the gathering of ideas for Tartu’s participatory budget, which ended on 6 May.

Many proposals were related to improving the opportunities for engaging in outdoor sporting activities. For example, people suggested the creation of athletic fields, playgrounds and cycle and pedestrian tracks. It was suggested that the athletic fields and courtyards at several schools be rehabilitated, while several proposals involved the creation or improvement of a skate park. Suggestions included the installation of showers at the beach, modernisation of the free swimming area along the Emajõgi River, installing drinking fountains along the cycle and pedestrian tracks, building an amusement park and installing attributes intended for use by pensioners at playgrounds. In addition, the submitted ideas included the desire to interactively map the works attributed to the art society Pallas within the city space, to create attractive street art, to plant a hedge maze, to create parks that are species-rich, to illuminate the Dome Church, to install a public piano sculpture in Supilinn, to build stages for public use, etc.

Within the area of the city's economy, suggestions included adding sidewalks and cycle and pedestrian tracks in several areas within the city, installing smart traffic lights, purchasing a new machine for repairing potholes, installing a staircase on the hillside of Dome Hill, and opening the Sadamaraudtee (Harbour Railway) to cycle and pedestrian traffic. All of the ideas are available for review at the website http://www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve and opinions can also be expressed there.

The participatory budget process will continue with a discussion by experts, who will assess the feasibility of the ideas in terms of monetary, temporal and technical aspects. The experts’ assessment will be revealed by the end of May, at the latest. The process will continue in June, in the form of discussions with the submitters of ideas and experts, who will select the ideas that will be put up for popular vote. A popular vote will be held on 4–10 October 2018.

The goal of the participatory budget is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation and to actually bring something to life.

Last changed 15.05.2018