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A collaboration exercise for first responders to take place in the city of Tartu on 19 March

Politsei- ja piirivalveameti pressiteade

PPA õppus Photo: PPA

14 March / On 19 March, a large-scale exercise will take place in the city of Tartu, with the participation of police officers, rescue and emergency staff, the city of Tartu and the University of Tartu. The aim of the exercise is to practice the collaboration skills of frontline staff.

“The exercise in the city of Tartu begins at 11 a.m. on 19 March and will last 12 hours straight, during which the police and our partners practice responding to various events in places all around Tartu,” said Mikk Salumets, police coordinator of the exercise.

“During those 12 hours, there will be more police officers, rescuers and medical staff than usual in the streets of Tartu, as they will be responding to numerous events as part of the exercise. The events will take place both in public spaces and in various institutions. The events in the institutions will not disturb the people as they go about their day in the city. However, it should be kept in mind that on the day of the exercise, emergency vehicles and frontline staff will be present in significant numbers in public spaces. Also, sounds emitted by simulation devices may be heard around the city, possibly startling or disturbing the people nearby. We assure everyone that there is no cause for alarm and that this will only be an exercise meant for honing inter-agency collaboration and response,” Salumets added.

Last changed 14.03.2024