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Construction of the Riga-Vaksali traffic junction selected as Tartu Deed of the Year

Tartu City Government Press Release

Construction of the Riga-Vaksali traffic junction Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

29 December / In the joint competition Tartu Deed of the Year 2021, held by the Tartu City Government and the Tartu Postimees newspaper, the residents of Tartu voted the construction of the Riga-Vaksali traffic junction as the most important work of the year.

At today’s recognition event, held in the Village of Light, in Town Hall Square, Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas and Editor-in-Chief of Tartu Postimees Rannar Raba thanked the parties involved in the construction of the Riga-Vaksali traffic junction as well as all those involved in the most notable deeds of 2021.

Reconstruction of the Riga-Vaksali junction, which took home the title of Tartu Deed of the Year, began in April 2020 and was opened on 9 December 2021. The aim of the reconstruction of one of the city’s busiest intersections was to make the area safer and more convenient for cycle and pedestrian track users, and to increase the capacity of the intersection. Cycle and pedestrian traffic tunnels were built on both sides of Riga Street, the road and the railway viaduct crossing the road were reconstructed, and a bridge for cycle and pedestrian traffic was built alongside the viaduct.

According to Mayor Urmas Klaas, it is not surprising that city residents chose this object as the Deed of the Year. ‘The Riga-Vaksali traffic junction was one of the most important road construction objects in Tartu in the past decade. It affects a large number of city residents, especially pedestrians and cyclists, who can now conveniently and safely cross this very busy intersection. The traffic junction has also gained attention due to the unique tunnelling technology employed, and its attractive appearance,’ the Mayor added.

The people of Tartu also considered the following to be Deeds of the Year for 2021:

  • the Tartu Vaccination Centre, which has served as a good example for the whole of Estonia
  • the ULA snow bar
  • an essential initiative for the whole of Estonia: weekly surveys of coronavirus levels in wastewater
  • Julia Beljajeva’s gold medal from the Tokyo Olympics
  • the Raatuse Health Centre
  • the Tartu Ministry of Climbing
  • new cafes along the banks of the Emajõgi River
  • a self-driving bus operating on a route for the first time (between the City Museum and the Estonian National Museum)
  • Solaride, Estonia’s first solar car
  • the performance of Serafima and Bogdan at the Tartu New Theatre

Under the leadership of the Tartu City Government and Tartu Postimees, the Tartu Deed of the Year was elected for the 24th time. In total, more than 4500 votes were cast.

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