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Majority of port railway corridor planned as green area

Tartu City Government Press Release


18 March / Tartu is planning a green corridor through the city in the area formerly occupied by the port railway, with traffic within quarters also planned along some sections.

According to Deputy Mayor Reno Laidre, planning for the area that used to be a wasteland creates an excellent opportunity to enrich Tartu’s urban space and expand its green network. Thanks to research and close cooperation with the public, the area occupied by the former railway will become a part of the city’s green network’, said Laidre. ‘The soon-to-be-published master plan envisages motor vehicle traffic passing through only a few sections of the port railway corridor. Between Võru and Tähe streets, it will be transformed into a linear park, with the rest of the port railway land use constituting a green area, with the possibility to create access to the area’s properties, if necessary’, the Deputy Mayor explained.

In Tartu City’s development strategy, most of the sections of the port railway corridor between Riia and Siili streets are planned as a green area, extending to the Emajõgi River. The area occupied by the former railway in the section between Riia Street and Väike Kaar is seen as an intra-quarter street, and if necessary, an intra-quarter street will also be planned in the section located between Tähe and Turu streets. From there, in the Tähe-Siili section, a green corridor is also planned in the further planning of the development area up to the river.

A cycle track network is planned along the entire length of the port railway, extending from the Riia-Vaksali junction, which is set to be reconstructed, to the Emajõgi River.

Last changed 18.03.2021