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Port railway covered with pedestrian and bicycle-friendly reclaimed asphalt pavement last week

Tartu City Government Press Release

Port railway Photo: Ketlin Lääts

12 April / Last week, the port railway area was covered with reclaimed asphalt pavement to make the nearly 2.5-kilometre corridor pedestrian and bicycle-friendly. The next steps will be to illuminate the stretch of road, create rest areas, and make the points where it crosses with roads safe.

‘Implementing the winning idea from the participative budget will create an additional opportunity for light traffic users to move between different parts of the city, both simply and in a pleasant natural environment. Over the next few years, the plan is to continue development of the former port railway area as a green corridor and linear park,’ said Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm.

Turning the port railway into a green corridor is one of the winning ideas for the 2021 participative budget, with EUR 100,000 having been set aside in this year’s budget. In addition to reclaimed asphalt pavement, the foundations for rest areas will be built and road extensions with benches are planned, lighting will be installed, intersections with roads will be made safe, and culverts will be installed for drainage. Asphalting works were performed by AS TREF, the total cost of the works was approximately EUR 50,000.

In the comprehensive plan for the City of Tartu, most of the sections of the port railway corridor between Riia and Siili streets are planned as a green area that extends to the Emajõgi River. The former railway area located in the section between Riia Street and Väike Kaar is seen as an intra-quarter road and, if necessary, an intra-quarter road will also be planned for the section located between Tähe and Turu streets. Onward from there, in the section between Tähe and Siili streets, further planning also includes the development of a green corridor area all the way to the river. A cycle track network is planned along the entire length of the port railway area, extending from the reconstructed Riia-Vaksali street intersection to the Emajõgi River.

Last changed 12.04.2022