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From May 29, the departure time of the last Tallinn-Tartu bus will change

Lux Express

Buss Photo: Lux Express

29 May / From May 29, the current Tallinn-Tartu 23:00 will depart half an hour later, at 23:30.

As an important change, the last departure will no longer go through Terminal A of the Port of Tallinn (Tallinna Sadam), as traffic in the port area has become very difficult due to large-scale road works.

The new timetable of Tallinn-Tartu 158:

23.30 Tallinn Bus Station
23.35 Tallinn Airport
00.35 Mäeküla*
00.40 Koigi*
00.47 Paia*
00.54 Adavere*
01.00 Puhu rist*
01.14 Puurmani rist*
01.41 Lõuna (Tartu)*
01.45 Pauluse (Tartu)*
01.50 Tartu Bus Station

*stop for exit only

Last changed 29.05.2023