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One bus line will be updated in the fall and departure times will change

Tartu City Government Press Release

urban line bus Photo: Mana Kaasik

26 August / Starting on Monday, 31 August, urban line busses will once again be switching over to their fall timetables, and a new line will begin operating between Karlova and Raadi.

In place of current loop lines 9 and 9A a new No. 9 will begin operating, with its itinerary matching the majority of the itinerary of the previous loop lines. In addition the new line will begin stopping at the Turu stop, in the direction of the City Centre, and at the AHHAA stop in front of the Science Centre AHHAA, travelling in the direction of Annelinn, giving riders better access to the open-air market.

On 31 August the departure times of all urban lines will change, with the interval between bus departures being shortened on several of them. Daily departures for lines No. 1, 2 and 4 on working days will begin to take place at intervals of 10 minutes. Early morning, evening and weekend departures will take place every 20 minutes. Daily departures on line No. 6 will begin to take place at 15 minute intervals on working days, and 20 minute intervals on weekends. The interval between early morning and evening departures on working days is 20 minutes and 30 minutes on weekends. Line No. 5 will once again begin operating at one hour intervals.
A more detailed list of the changes is available from the travel planner on https://web.peatus.ee/. Schedule changes will also be reflected at bus stops, on-line, and in new bus-schedule booklets, which will soon be on sale.
All bus passengers will continue to be required to comply with the safety rules governing the spread of the coronavirus. City buses are equipped with hand sanitizers and it is recommended that passengers wear a mask.

Last changed 04.09.2020