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Participative budget of Tartu calls for ideas

Tartu City Government


17 April / Proposals for the participative budget can be submitted until 6 May.

The ideas, with maximum cost of 100 000 euro, shall concern investments connected to Tartu. The total amount of the participative budget is 200 000 euro, so two ideas will be put into practice in 2019.

Ideas can be submitted until the end of 6 May 2018 at www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve. The object of participative budget shall be an investment with maximum cost of 100 000 euro. At least two ideas with the most votes in the public voting will be put into practice. The ideas shall be connected to Tartu, for public use and of benefit to ordinary citizens. Implementation of the ideas must not generate unreasonable costs in future budgets for the city.

The feasibility of the ideas will be assessed by experts of the fields concerned and ideas that cannot be implemented for technical, temporal (i.e. during 2019) or financial reasons will be excluded. In-depth discussions about the ideas are held with proposers and experts in June, before deciding which ideas will go to the final voting round in the beginning of October. The proposers are expected to actively contribute to the presentation of their ideas during the entire process of participative budget.

The purposes of the participative budget are to boost cooperation between communities, to improve understanding of budgeting principles and to realize new ideas.

Tartu initiated participative budgeting in 2013, so this year is the sixth time.

Further information: www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve


Last changed 17.04.2018