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Public transport times can be found in new travel planner

Tartu City Government Press Release

Public transport Photo: Mana Kaasik

30 June / The Estonian Road Administration has released a new and modern travel planner https://peatus.ee/. Current travel planning websites will continue working until the end of July.

Previously, three pages were being used:  www.peatus.ee, Tartu urban line page http://tartu.peatus.ee/ and mobile view https://m.peatus.ee/. All of the information will now be consolidated in the one portal, at the address https://peatus.ee/. Real-time public transport data will be gradually added to the new travel planner.

The new portal can be used via computer and telephone, as the page layout changes according to the screen size of the device you are using. In addition, the new system can be used to plan trips between locations and the portal offers trips with more reasonable connections.

In order to make the new travel planner even better, the Estonian Road Administration is awaiting feedback on its website: https://www.mnt.ee/et/tagasiside-uuele-reisiplaneerijale.

The new travel planner was created within the framework of a Structural Funds project. The main goal of the project is to make the use of public services easier and more convenient, so that more people would prefer public transport instead of cars.

The current travel planning websites will cease to operate at the end of July, with information on bus traffic only being available from the new web environment.

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Last changed 30.06.2020