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The residents of “smartovkas” received smart house handbooks

Tartu City Government Press Release


18 January / In the first weeks of January, the residents of the renovated apartment buildings in the Tartu SmartEnCity pilot area received the “Smart house resident’s handbook”.

The smart house handbook provides an overview of the energy efficiency and the maintenance and functioning of the various system of the apartment buildings renovated in Tartu in the SmartEnCity project.

The handbook also includes the smart home system instruction manual, which instructs residents on how to use the smart home system for monitoring their energy consumption and adjusting the heating and ventilation in their apartments.

The brochure also offers useful tips for cutting costs and making environmentally friendly daily choices.

The smart house handbook is also available on the Tark Tartu homepage: http://tarktartu.ee/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Targa-maja-elaniku-kasiraamat.pdf

The implementation of the SmartEnCity project in the City Centre of Tartu will see the creation of an energy efficient city district operating on smart solutions, where Soviet era apartment buildings are renovated into near zero energy buildings and where innovative solutions are also being used for district heating, street lighting and the use of renewable energy.

The SmartEnCity project is being funded within the framework of Horisont 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation programme. The project will last until July of 2021.

Last changed 18.01.2021