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Starting in September, the schedules for several urban buses will change


3 September / As of 1 September, the schedules for several bus lines will be changing to a lesser or greater extent.

In September, bus No. 5 will also begin operating on working days, taking children to school and residents of Annelinn to the market.

In response to the wishes of the people, as of 1 September, circular routes No. 9 and 9A will both begin operating on weekends. The schedules for lines 9 and 9A will be the same on the weekends as they currently are for working days. 1. As of 1 September, an early morning departure, at 5.25 from the Nõlvaku stop, will be added to bus route No. 9 on working days. On weekends, the first departure for the No. 9 line will be at 7.10 from Nõlvaku, and for the 9A line at 7.03 from the E-Kaubamaja bus stop.

Starting in September, the No. 5 bus line will also begin operating on working days, allowing children living in the Ihaste City District to be able to travel to schools located in Annelinn and the sports facilities located on Turu and Luha streets. Residents of Kaunase Avenue, Jaama and Anne streets will also be able to ride the bus to the Turu bus stop, which is located in close proximity to the open market and the bus station.

According to Madis Oona, Chief Specialist at the Tartu City Transport Unit, ensuring that buses are better able to stay on schedule also played a role in addition to the wishes of riders regarding changes. The result is a change to the departure times for buses No. 11 and 12, which is related to staying on schedule.

The departure times for lines No. 6 and 10 will only be adjusted at some stops. The morning and evening departures for lines No. 7 and 8 will also be adjusted. Buses on line No. 2 will no longer be travelling to the Lõunakeskus on Friday and Saturday evenings, but will instead make their final stop at the Tehnoloogiainstituut bus stop.

A more detailed list of the changes is available here http://peatus.ee/#city;tartu-linn.

Last changed 03.09.2019