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Tartu planning to replace outdated street lighting with economical LED lights

Tartu City Government Press Release

LED-tehnoloogiaga tänavavalgusti Annelinnas Photo: Ketlin Lääts

3 October / By converting its street lighting to LED technology, the city can save approximately half a million euros annually on energy costs.

The Tartu City Government submitted a draft for consideration to the City Council, in which permission is requested to carry out a public procurement in order to replace the approximately 7,000 high-pressure sodium lights in the city with LED lights. The existing lights are energy-intensive, have a short life, and are of low reliability. Switching the street lighting to LED technology will bring significant financial savings to the city in the long term and will reduce light pollution that is damaging the environment.

‘We have committed to renewing street lighting throughout the city in order to reduce electricity costs and improve the quality of lighting. Reconstruction of street lighting has a positive effect on the living environment in general because lighting is also directly related to health, security and traffic safety,’ added Tamm.

Modern lighting directs the light exactly to those places where people need it, meaning the light does not scatter. Reducing light pollution is also very important for our urban wildlife – for example, birds and bats. In addition, LED lamps use a more comfortable colour temperature for the human eye. It all adds up to a more pleasant urban environment.

The expected cost of the planned procurement is EUR 2,800,000, but the city hopes to earn back this investment quickly. At current electricity prices, the expected savings in electricity costs is nearly EUR 540,000 per year. It is planned that the street lighting will be replaced by the end of 2023.

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Last changed 13.10.2022