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Tartu plans Smart Bike Share expansion

rattasõit Foto: Ove Maidla

10 February / Plans are in place to further expand Tartu’s very popular Smart Bike Share programme this year. Ten new docking stations will be built in various areas of the city.

According to Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, Tartu’s Smart Bike Share has been a success in large part due to Smart Bike docking stations being located throughout the entire city. 'We are looking to gradually increase the number of docking stations in the network, to further promote the use of bicycles. The construction of docking stations outside of the traditional city limits is also an important step, in order to offer an alternative to travelling by car and to reduce the negative effects accompanying the ever increasing number of cars', said Tamm.

New docking stations are planned to be built by the Pallas Avenue playground, the Magaziin shop (Ringtee tn 10), Raja Street (near the hospital complex), the intersection of Jaama and Paju Streets, the multi-level intersection of Võru Street and Ringtee Road, along Tehase Street (in the vicinity of Sisustus E Kaubamaja), in Märja, next to the ballfield near the intersection of Keskuse and Vee Streets, at the intersection of Ilmatsalu Järve Road, Ojaääre and Kooli Roads, the intersection of Betooni and Ravila Streets, and near the intersection of C.R. Jakobson and J.V. Jannsen Streets.
Cooperation with Tartu Rural Municipality has been good, where two Bike Share docking stations – one in Kõrveküla and the other on Kaupmehe Street – will be built this year.

During the first stage, the foundations and electrical connections for the docking stations will be built. The city concluded a contract for the design and construction of docking station foundations with Terasteenus OÜ. The works will cost EUR 54,660.


Last changed 10.02.2020