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Tree trunk nests and hiking trail steps to be made from the trunk of Tartu’s Christmas tree

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu jõulukuusest tehakse lindude pesapakud ja matkaraja astepakud Photo: Mari-Liis Koemets

19 January / On Monday, 17 January, the Christmas tree was removed from Tartu Town Hall Square. The 17-metre tree will be given a new life in the form of tree trunk nests and hiking trail steps to be made from the trunk of the tree.

Environmental scientist Jüri Järvis explained that chainsaws, ropes and screws are all that are needed to create tree trunk nests from round timber. ‘The city’s Christmas tree will probably yield sufficient material for about 15 tree trunk nests. Such tree trunk nests serve as a nesting place for those birds that need tree hollows for nesting, including starlings, woodpeckers, and owls, as well as several species of waterfowl, such as the smew. Tree trunk nests are also suitable for flying squirrels,’ Järvis explained. Tree trunk nests can be placed in parks as well as forests, and are hung on a tree trunk with a rope so that growing trees are not damaged.

In addition, the Christmas tree will also be used to make steps for the riverside hiking trail heading to Kvissental, so that you can reach the trail with dry feet during wet periods. The trail is nearly two kilometres in length, stretching from the Emajõe City Swimming Pool to Kvissental, and recently three metal footbridges were installed along the hiking trail.

This time the Tartu Christmas tree was brought from the Lupi property in the village of Koloreino, in Võru County. The City of Tartu awaited spruce offers from those landowners who were planning on taking down a large spruce tree for some reason in the near future.

Last changed 19.01.2022