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Residents of Tartu are invited to discuss the topic of reducing food waste

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kliimakogu Photo: Evelin Lumi

20 February / On 23 March, from 10.00–16.00, the Tartu food council will gather at the Tartu Nature House, where 30 residents of Tartu will take part in a discussion day to find answers to the question ‘How to reduce food waste?’.

The food council awaits Tartu residents of all ages and levels of experience to discuss what and how different parties involved in selling, distributing and saving food can contribute to supporting saving food and reducing waste.
You can register for the food council until 3 March here: www.tartu.ee/toidukogu-registreerimine
A total of 30 people with different backgrounds and experience will be selected from among the registrations and invited to participate in the discussion day, to ensure the broadest possible representation. The work of Tartu food council is held in Estonian.
The Tartu food council aims to raise awareness and engage residents of Tartu in discussions on ways to be more sustainable regarding food consumption and reducing food waste.
Discussions with city residents and experts invited to participate in the food council will result in the selection of proposals that will feed into the circular economy roadmap for Tartu County, the drafting of which has also begun and where a sustainable food system is one of the themes.
The results of a survey of citizens carried out at the end of last year will also be used to formulate the topics to be discussed in the food council. The survey explored how city residents are prepared to change their food consumption habits and become more sustainable. The survey was carried out in December 2023 and answered by 339 city residents.
The Tartu food council is being implemented as one of the pilot projects of the ‘Phoenix: The Rise of Citizens Voices for a Greener Europe’ project, in cooperation with the City of Tartu and the e-Governance Academy.
More information: www.tartu.ee/toidukogu
Additional information: Kristina Reinsalu, Project Phoenix Manager, e-Governance Senior Expert at the e-Governance Academy, [email protected], tel. 528-1392

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Last changed 26.02.2024