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Two landing-stages to be installed on the Emajõgi River

Tartu City Government Press Release

landing-stage Photo: Ove Maidla

30 May / This week, the installation of two new landing-stages began on the Emajõgi River. The landing-stages will be located beside the Market Hall and the Rebase Street boat slip.

The landing-stage beside the Market Hall will be available for use starting on 31 May. The length of the landing-stage is 24 metres and it is possible to moor between 4-5 vessels, depending on their length.

The second landing-stage, which is 12 metres in length, will be installed at the boat slip located at the end of Rebase Street, and will greatly facilitate the launching of boats and their removal from the water. A special solution will be used to anchor the landing-stage, in order to ensure the obstruction-free launching of boats. The landing-stage at Rebase Street will be available for use starting on 5 June.

According to Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, the reason for installing the new landing-stages is to further stimulate water traffic on the Emajõgi River. ‘At the end of last season, we met with boat owners and representatives from the Karlova Harbour to discuss ways in which to make movement via boat and ship more convenient on the Emajõgi River. Creating the opportunity to dock boats in close proximity to the Market Hall and the cafes located along the Emajõgi River, and making the launching of boats at the Rebase Street boat slip more convenient, were a couple of the activities that we agreed upon at the time,’ said Tamm.

Last changed 31.05.2019