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Ukraine Information Centre opens in Tartu

Tartu City Government Press Release


25 November / A Ukraine Information Centre opened its doors at Ülikooli 17, in Tartu, where coordinators from the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care of the Tartu City Government are providing assistance and counselling to war refugees.

According to Tartu Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, the aim of the Information Centre is to provide war refugees with everything they need from a single location. ‘The coordinators are tasked with assisting war refugees who have arrived in Tartu and coordinating the necessary activities with partners,’ said Lees.
The coordinators are tasked with advising people via the information line and on the spot, providing information on the initiatives and activities of organisations assisting refugees, coordinating instruction in the Estonian language, supporting refugees in using e-solutions, providing information on services and support for refugees, including organising information sessions for both refugees and the specialists working with them. In addition, the coordinators manage social media and online communication related to the refugees, including identifying and refuting possible misinformation.
From 1 November 2022 through 31 October 2023, the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care of the Tartu City Government will be employing seven coordinators on a fixed-term contract. The activities of the Ukrainian Information Centre are funded within the framework of the European Social Fund project ‘Coordination of War Refugees in the City of Tartu’, in which the City of Tartu is participating as the lead partner.
The Ukraine Information Centre is open on weekdays during the following hours: Mon 13–19, Tue 10–18, Wed 10–18, Thu 13–19, Fri 10–16. Information lines: 5918-2057 and 5919-9067.

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Last changed 25.11.2022