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Reception centre for Ukrainian war refugees in Tartu located at the Raadimõisa Hotel

Tartu City Government Press Release

Ukraina lipud Photo: Ahto Sooaru

9 March / As of today, the primary reception centre for Ukrainian war refugees in Tartu is located at the Raadimõisa Hotel, where refugees who have arrived in Tartu on their own and have yet to contact the city for services are also expected to turn.

The reception centre is the initial point of arrival for refugees, while also serving to provide essential health care, hygiene supplies and guidance on obtaining accommodation, as well as information on services offered by both the city and the state – education, employment, etc. Employees from the Estonian National Social Insurance Board and from the Tartu City Government are present at the reception centre.
According to Tartu Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, the Estonian National Social Insurance Board will pay for the Raadimõisa Hotel, which is currently vacant. ‘Although the building is not currently functioning as a hotel, it has all of the conditions necessary to accommodate and receive refugees. We are aware that this hotel is also filling up quickly with refugees and we are waiting for a new partner hotel from the Estonian National Social Insurance Board, where further accommodations for refugees will be organised. In case a very large number of refugees arrive in Tartu at once, we are prepared to use the Turu Street athletic facility,’ Lees added.
The Raadimõisa Hotel is located at Mõisavärava 1, Vahi, Tartu County. The hotel can be reached from the city centre of Tartu via bus No. 8, which leaves every 30 minutes from the Kesklinna I or Linnamuuseum bus stops. One should disembark at the Killustiku stop, and follow the cycle and pedestrian track to the hotel.
Information on contacts related to the reception of war refugees has been compiled in Estonian, English, Russian, and Ukrainian, and is available on the Tartu homepage: www.tartu.ee/ukraina-abiks
Additional information: Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, tel: 5564-1996.

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