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The voting on the participatory budget has ended

Tartu City Government Press Release

winning ideas

10 October / The most votes were received by idea No. 20, Outdoor area of Tartu City Centre School that advocates physical activity (1203 votes) and idea No. 2, Annelinn’s sports ground renovation (1053 votes).

A total of 5291 Tartu residents participated in the participatory budget vote from 4 to 10 October, casting a total of 10,318 votes. The number of Tartu residents who voted was the highest in the six year history of Tartu’s participatory budget, with 6.6 % of all registered voters participating.

Winning ideas

Outdoor area of Tartu City Centre School that advocates physical activity

Tartu City Centre School has more than half a thousand students. Starting from this year, all kids have one 20-minute outdoor recess. We want our kids to MOVE as much as possible during the outdoor breaks rather than spending that time sitting and poking at their smartphones. Kids need to run, jump, climb and play – that would make them happier and more focused when they return to the class. Kids love the outdoor recess but there is limited space around the school and there is not much gear available for activities today. With the participative budgeting project, we would like to build climbing and hanging poles, strength and balance exercise equipment, a ball game court, trails, kickbike ramps, etc.

Annelinn’s sports ground renovation

The aim is to build a court with a suitable surface for ball games and other sports outside the Tartu Descartes’ School and Tartu Hansa School along with exercise equipment next to the court. At the moment the area is dated, it mainly comprises of a running track with a natural surface, a soccer field and an area for ball games and outdoor training equipment. The tarmac on the ball game court is broken with grass growing from the cracks, deep puddles form when it rains. We wish to offer the schools and kindergartens, as well as the nearby residents a chance to engage in active sports both on the ball game field and in the outdoor gym.

A total of 57 ideas were submitted for Tartu’s participative budget, with 25 ideas making their way through the meetings of experts and summer public discussions and now heading on to a referendum.

The goal of the participative budget is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation and to actually bring something to life. A participative budget idea may be an investment object with a maximum upper limit of EUR 100,000. The goal is to implement at least two ideas in 2019, at a cost of EUR 200,000.


Last changed 10.10.2018