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Winning ideas for the participatory budget have been revealed

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kaasav eelarve

11 October / A total of 5380 Tartu residents took part in the participatory budget vote, which took place from 5–11 October, casting a total of 10 300 votes. The most votes were received by idea "Movement inspiring activity area at the Tamme School" (1623 votes) and idea "Free drinking water taps on the streets of Tartu" (1030 votes).

The winning idea aims to transform the outdoor area of Tartu Tamme School into a modern and attractive open space, enhancing educational, sports, and recreational opportunities. The second-place concept intends to install public drinking water taps throughout the city of Tartu.


  • Movement inspiring activity area at the Tamme School (1623 votes)
  • Free drinking water taps on the streets of Tartu (1030 votes)
  • Karlova beach (946 votes)
  • Safe bike lanes for one-way streets (760 votes)
  • Traffic lights made smarter and more people-friendly (648 votes)
  • Leisure park between the Anne Canal and the Emajõgi River (552 votes)
  • Creating a blue zone in Vanemuine Park (520 votes)
  • Lockers on beaches and athletic fields (505 votes)
  • Saare pond community park (387 votes)
  • Outdoor gym for Tamme Stadium (352 votes)
  • Kastanienhof (339 votes)
  • Swing, swing! (324 votes)
  • Seating platforms and study trails in the Tähtvere Dendrological Park (313 votes)
  • Community bicycle houses in areas with apartment buildings (305 votes)
  • More bushes (298 votes)
  • Ülejõe Recreation Park – a meeting place for active generations (280 votes)
  • Zebra crossings for cycle and pedestrian tracks running alongside the railway (267 votes)
  • Raadi-Ülejõe toddler-friendly playground (244 votes)
  • School surroundings made child-friendly (189 votes)
  • ISTLA – an activity area for young people (166 votes)
  • Pedestrian safety zone in the heart of the city (155 votes)
  • New Velorent cargo bike rental points and bicycles (97 votes)

Each voter had the opportunity to choose between 22 ideas submitted by fellow city residents, and to cast up to 3 votes. In 2024 at least two of the ideas that received the most votes will be brought to life. The maximum upper limit for one idea is EUR 100,000. The total budget for Tartu’s participative budget is EUR 200,000.

 A total of 52 ideas were submitted to the participatory budget process, which began in the spring, with 22 ideas making their way through the meetings of experts and public discussions.

 The goal of the participatory budget is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation, and to actually bring something to life.

 Further information on the participatory budget: www.tartu.ee/en/participative-budgeting

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Last changed 11.10.2023