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Personal identification code

Personal identification code
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A personal identification code is a number formed on the basis of the sex and date of birth of a person, that allows the specific identification of a person. A personal identification code is comprised of 11 digits, the first indicating a person’s sex and the next six their date of birth. The next three digits are the sequential numbers for those born on the same day, and the last one is a control number, calculated using a special formula.

A personal identification code is issued to persons who have not been previously issued a personal identification code and who acquire the right of residence in Estonia or settle in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit, and to persons who do not reside permanently in Estonia but need a personal identification code to enter their data in Estonian state databases, as almost all of them are based on the personal identification code in Estonia (e.g. for the Tax and Customs Board, Health Insurance Fund, Social Insurance Board).

Obtaining a personal identification code does not give you the right to stay, live or work in Estonia – these rights must derive from other legal grounds.

Providing an identity code

In the course of proceedings conducted for a residence permit, right of residence, international protection or any other procedure provided for by law, the Police and Border Guard Board shall issue the applicant a personal identification code.

The Police and Border Guard Board registers short-term employment of aliens, during which the person is also provided with a personal identification code. The PBGB will issue a notice to the employer, which will also include the personal identification code, and the employer or the alien will no longer need to contact the local authorities in the county town to obtain a personal identification code.

A person whose personal identification code is to be entered in the Social Services and Benefits Registry is assigned a personal identification code by the Social Insurance Board during the course of proceedings provided for by law.

Provision of a personal identity code to a foreign national temporarily staying in Estonia

On the basis of a person’s application, the local government of a county centre, including the City of Tartu, shall provide a personal identification code to a citizen of a foreign state whose data are entered in the state database and who is not a subject of the population register, does not reside permanently in Estonia, is not applying for a residence permit or right of residence and does not need a personal identification code for the purpose of registering employment in Estonia.

Provision of an identity code to an EU citizen together with registration of place of residence

Citizens of the European Union, of a member state of the European Economic Area and of the Swiss Confederation (hereinafter EU citizens) have the right to stay in Estonia on the basis of a valid travel document or identity document for up to three (3) months without registering their place of residence.

Citizens of the European Union who wish to obtain the right of residence in Estonia must, when settling in Tartu, submit a notification to the Population Registry Service of the Tartu City Government to register their place of residence and obtain a personal identification code.

Upon registration of his or her place of residence, a citizen of the European Union automatically acquires a temporary right of residence in Estonia for five years. The ID card is the document which constitutes evidence of the temporary right of residence of EU citizens.

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Applications can be submitted in person at the following locations:

Tartu Welcome Centre
Ülikooli 17, Tartu
Opening hours Mon–Fri 9–16 and Thu 9–18
email [email protected]

Population Registry Service
Opening hours
Mon 9–12 and 14–17.30
Tue 12–16
Wed 9–12 and 13–16
Thu Closed
Fri 9–12 and 13–16

Küüni 5, Tartu
tel +372-736-1140, email [email protected]


     Tiigi 12, Tartu
     tel +372-742-0856, email [email protected]

NB! Remember to bring along an identity document (a personal identification document issued by an EU Member State, the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation, or a foreign travel document).

Application for the provision of a personal identification code (please save it on your device before filling in the application, please fill in the application in using capital letters).

Applying for a personal identification code for a minor

The application for a personal identification code for a minor or a ward shall be submitted by the parent, guardian or authorised representative of the guardianship authority. The legal right of representation is evidenced by a document certifying the right of representation.

When a minor is registered as a subject of the population register, the data on his or her birth certificate are entered in the population register.

If the application is accompanied by a document issued in a foreign state, it must be translated into Estonian, Russian or English, unless the document is in one of the above mentioned languages. The translation must be done by a sworn translator. A document issued in a foreign state must be legalised or certified by apostille, unless it is provided for otherwise in an international agreement. See more at https://www.tartu.ee/en/marriage#foreign-documents

An EU citizen of at least 15 years of age (a citizen of a Member State of the European Union and the European Economic Area who is not an Estonian citizen, and a citizen of the Swiss Confederation) may apply for an personal identification code independently.

Last changed 09.04.2024