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Sixty-seven ideas submitted to Tartu’s participatory budget

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu linn Photo: Ahto Sooaru

5 May / In this year’s participatory budget, citizens of Tartu submitted 67 ideas on how to use EUR 200,000 from the city’s 2022 budget.

This year, many ideas were presented concerning the district of Annelinn. For example, there is a desire to renew its movement paths, along with creating a disc golf park, a park with a flowing stream, a family park, and leisure attractions next to the Anne Youth Center. In addition, there is a desire to clean the bottom of the Anne Canal, create a place to barbeque next to the canal, a new coast guard building, as well as boat and pedal boat rentals. There is a desire to modernize the open-air swimming pool by the Emajõgi River, build cycle and pedestrian tracks along the banks of the river and restore the shore path. Many of the more unique proposals are related to the restoration or creation of parks, for example, a sculpture park was proposed for Raadi, or a large park between the Anne Canal and the Emajõgi River, in addition to a desire for the restoration of Karu Park and Mathiesen Park. Many ideas also concern the development of Central Park and new opportunities for activities are desired in Ülejõe Park. People would like to see various sports fields and outdoor gyms in Karlova, Tammelinn, Ihaste, Veeriku, and Jaamamõisa, as well as a mountain ski hill and a snowboard slope. There is also a desire to build a cycle and pedestrian track on the site of the port railway, bicycle service stations and water taps along cycle and pedestrian tracks, and to improve the surroundings of cycle and pedestrian tracks. There is a shortage of dog playgrounds, benches and public toilets. Suggestions were also submitted for improving the sales pavilions for florists along Küüni Street, cleaning the Rahinge reservoir and developing the Tartu Organic Garden. A water curtain and a memorial to medical workers are desired for the Kaarsild Bridge.
All ideas can be viewed in the Volis information system, where relevant opinions can also be expressed.
The participatory budget process will continue with discussions among experts, who will be assessing the compliance of ideas with the conditions of the participatory budget and their financial, temporal and technical feasibility. The experts’ assessment will be announced in May.
The participatory budgeting process will then continue with a public discussion, with idea presenters and experts who will identify the 25 ideas that will be eligible for the referendum. A referendum will be held in early October.
The object of the participatory budget must be an investment related to the City of Tartu, with a cost of up to EUR 100,000. A participatory budget object must offer a benefit to the public, be in public use and must not lead to unreasonable costs for the city’s budget in subsequent years. In 2022, at least two of the ideas that received the most votes in the referendum will be implemented.

Last changed 05.05.2021