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Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles have travelled nearly five million kilometres in two years

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu Smart Bike Share Photo: Mana Kaasik

8 June / Tartu Smart Bike Share celebrates its second anniversary on 8 June. Over a period of two years, Smart Bike Share bicycles have travelled a total of nearly five million kilometres and there are almost 7800 active users.

‘The city has focused on the user-friendliness and continuous development of the service. As the bicycles are seeing active use, we will be paying greater attention to gradually renewing the bicycle fleet, in addition to expanding the network of bike share stations and developing the service’, said Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm.

Since the opening of the Smart Bike Share service, a total of 4,893,430 kilometres have been covered with electric and conventional bicycles, of which 1,440,354 kilometres were covered during the last year. The most ridden bicycle has covered 16,766 kilometres, and 147 bicycles have travelled more than 10,000 kilometres. There are a total of 750 bicycles in circulation, of which 250 are conventional and 500 are electric.

The most prolific Smart Bike Share user covered 4033 kilometres during the year, and a total of 545,883 journeys have been made since last June. There are a total of 7796 active users.

The most frequently used bike share station is the Uueturu bike share station, located at the intersection of Uueturu and Küüni streets, being the most popular starting and ending point. There are a total of 85 bike share stations in Tartu and neighbouring municipalities, this number will increase with the addition of eight bike share stations at the end of the summer, with there being 93 bike share stations in the autumn.

Tartu City opened the Smart Bike Share system on 8 June 2019. Bike share stations cover the entire city, and each bike share station has an information board with instructions on how to use the bicycle.

More information on the Smart Bike Share system can be found on the website ratas.tartu.ee or via the information telephone 1789. Users are asked to use the bicycles prudently, to ensure that everyone would be able to enjoy cycling for a long time to come. Thanks to all users who have helped preserve the system and reported violations.

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Last changed 08.06.2021