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Art season in the smart city district has ended for this year

Kuperjanovi 2

4 October / Within the framework of the SmartEnCity project the last two wall paintings in Tartu's smart city district were completed at the end of September.

With the remaining paintings set to be completed next year.

The arrival of cold weather marks the end of art season for SmartEnCity, with the project’s last two wall paintings for the year having been completed in September on the walls of the buildings at Pepleri 3 and Kuperjanovi 2.

The author and performer of the work at Pepleri 3 is Polish street artist Seikon. According to Andra Somelar, Art Coordinator for the SmartEnCity project, the artist did exceptionally well with his work, despite the poor weather conditions and unexpected last minute changes. The art curator for Pepleri 3, Tartu artist Sirla, said that Seikon visited Tartu several times beforehand and is very much aware of Tartu's city space and architecture. ‘Our goal was to create a location sensitive work, one that was created especially for this location,' said Sirla, adding that she was very happy with the end result.

The author of the Kuperjanovi 2 art works is Tartu artist Jevgeni Zolotko. Zolotko is a recipient of the Köler Prize, as well as endowment awards from the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, and his exhibitions can be regularly visited in Tartu as well as abroad. While Seikon left his own work untitled, Zolotko gave his painting – inspired by the works of Kandinsky – the name of Composition with Falling Ice Cream. According to Tartu artist Huupi, who is the art curator for the Kuperjanovi 2 apartment association, when he was creating his draft the artist took into account the surroundings – including the modern nursery school located next door and the pyramid shaped oak trees surrounding the building. ‘One of the conditions set by the building’s residents was that the work to be painted on the façade would also be suitable for children,’ commented Zolotko, which is the reason he chose the architectural yet playful creation of Vassil Kandinsky, which allowed him to tie the neighbourhood into an integrated whole.

A total of 12 paintings were created in Tartu's smart city district last year and this year, the authors of which were artists from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Argentina. The creation of works of art will continue when warm weather returns in 2020, with plans in place to create at least four new works in the City Centre of Tartu. When the SmartEnCity project ends, the smart city district will be decorated with a unique public art gallery.

Last changed 04.10.2019