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City’s educational buildings to receive solar power plants


30 August / The City of Tartu is building solar power plants on several of the educational buildings in its possession.

Construction is being funded by the SmartEnCity project.

‘Although the city government is now exclusively purchasing green electricity for all of its activities, in our energy and climate plan we have also set the goal of expanding on-site production of electricity from renewable sources in Tartu,’ explained Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm. ‘On the one hand, solar power plants built on the rooftops of buildings belonging to the city will help to achieve our environmental goals; however, on the other hand, they will also allow us to save on electricity costs in these buildings.’

Solar power plants with a total capacity of up to 200 kW will be designed and built for the Tartu Vocational Education Centre’s educational buildings at Kopli 1 and Põllu 11, and the Klaabu Kindergarten’s educational building at Kummeli 5. The solar park at the Tartu Nature House building will be expanded. Most of the electricity produced will be used by the buildings for their own purposes, while the rest will be supplied to the general electricity grid.

The SmartEnCity project started in Tartu in 2016, during the course of which 18 apartment buildings have been renovated into nearly zero-energy buildings, in the apartments of which smart home solutions have been installed. With the support of the project, energy-saving and innovative solutions for district heating, street lighting and the use of renewable energy, have been introduced in the centre of Tartu. The SmartEnCity project is being funded under Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – and will run until July 2021.

Additional information: Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, Tel: 7361-213, 515-4738.

Last changed 30.08.2021