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City Government to change its current organization of work

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu city Foto: Mana Kaasik

13 November / In connection with the spread of the corona virus, the Tartu City Government requests that as of Monday, November 16, e-channels or the telephone be used when communicating with the City Government. Meetings within City Government premises must be registered in advance.

Reception of citizens within the premises of the City Government will continue, if the use of e-channels is impossible or unreasonable. In this case, the visit must be registered in advance. The doors to most of the City Government’s offices are closed, with information posted on them about how to contact the department.

The doors are open in the regional centres of the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care, the Population Facts Department (Küüni Street and the Tiigi Street building) and the City Government Information Centre (located on the ground floor of the Town Hall). The Population Facts Department and the regional centres of the Department of Social Welfare ask that you please call or contact them in advance via e-channels, before visiting in person.

According to Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas, the purpose of the change in the organization of work is to protect the City Government’s employees and ensure the continuity of the City Government. ‘We want to minimize the risk of infection in the workplace, thereby ensuring the continuity of City Government services’, Klaas added.

At all meetings, both city residents and the staff receiving them must wear a mask or visor. If the person visiting the City Government is not wearing a mask, one shall be provided to them by the City Government.

The change is initially planned to last until the end of the year.

Last changed 13.11.2020