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City looking to begin reconstruction of Sõpruse Bridge and its surrounding area

Tartu City Government Press Release

12 March / During the renovation of Sõpruse Bridge, mobility opportunities and traffic safety will improve for cyclists and pedestrians. In addition to the existing four lanes, the bridge will receive wide cycle tracks and footpaths, and four new staircases leading to the bridge.

The City Government sent a bill to the City Council asking for permission to organise a public procurement for the reconstruction of the Sõpruse Bridge and its surrounding area.

The project for the reconstruction of Sõpruse Bridge and its surrounding area provides for 2+2 lanes on the bridge, and cycle tracks and footpaths on both sides. Both cyclists and pedestrians will be separated from the carriageway by a railing and a safety zone. According to the project, two-way cycle tracks with a width of 2.25 metres and footpaths with a width of 2 metres wide will be constructed on both sides of the bridge. According to the new solution, the bridge to be built will be wider on both sides.

During the works, the stairs leading to the bridge will be reconstructed and four new staircases will be built.

Along with the reconstruction of the bridge, the Karlova-side street solution will be changed with the construction of the planned roundabout. Cycle tracks and footpaths are also planned in the direction of Karlova.

There are no plans to change the configuration of the Sõpruse Roundabout. The new cycle tracks to be built on the bridge will connect to the existing cycle and pedestrian tracks on that side of the bridge.

Sõpruse Bridge will be reconstructed in two stages from 2024–2026, and work will be carried out alternately on both sides of the bridge, so that the bridge does not have to be completely closed. The city wants to partially finance the bridge reconstruction works from the project ‘Construction of the main network of cycle tracks on Sõpruse Bridge and the immediate area of Karlova’, which is being submitted to the Ministry of Climate Change for financing. Upon approval of the project in the amount of EUR 4,026,000, the city will finance project activities in the amount of EUR 1,207,800 (grant to the city of EUR 2,818,200). In total, nearly EUR 12 million is expected to be spent on the reconstruction of Sõpruse Bridge and its surrounding area.

Last changed 12.03.2024