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The City of Tartu plans on creating a new traffic corridor by connecting Põhja Avenue and Muuseumi Road

Tartu City Government Press Release

Uue tee ehitus vähendab Narva maantee koormust Photo: Ragnar Vutt

3 October / The Tartu City Government submitted a draft for consideration to the City Council, in which permission is requested to carry out a public procurement for the connection of Põhja Avenue and Muuseumi Road.

The breakthrough and connecting of Põhja Avenue to Muuseumi Road will change traffic flows within the city and create a new route of movement for cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

‘Narva Highway has become one of the main bottlenecks in Tartu city traffic, with the smooth flow of traffic there during peak hours presenting a major challenge. Connecting Muuseumi Road with Põhja Avenue will allow for a partial diversion of traffic away from Narva Highway and also from Puiestee Street, thereby reducing the heavy traffic found there,’ explained Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm. ‘Creating a pleasant and safe space for non-motorised traffic is very important. The separate cycle tracks and pavements built along the street will be an important addition to the network of cycle and pedestrian tracks between the various city districts,’ said Tamm.

Cycle and pedestrian tracks that are separated from car lanes and at least 2m wide will be built on Põhja Avenue. In the future, the parking spaces along the road will be replaced with parking on the adjacent Tüve tn 10 registered immovable. Muuseumi Road will also get a solution that takes into account the needs of different road users. The cycle track, green strip and pavement have been moved away from the road to ensure convenient and safe movement.

Hendrik Kuusk

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Last changed 03.10.2022