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Road surface markings direct the attention of motorists and cyclists to their shared traffic space

Tartu City Government Press Release

Road surface markings Photo: Ove Maidla

31 May / This week the application of new surface markings to Tartu's streets began, which direct the attention of motorists, as well as cyclists, to the fact that they must be mindful of one another and that they are moving about within a shared traffic space. Nearly 170 markings will be applied to Tartu’s streets.

The new road surface markings will be made in those places where cyclists are most often seen and where the risk of conflict between a cyclist and motor vehicle is the greatest.

According to Deputy Mayor of Tartu Raimond Tamm, the proportion of cyclists in Tartu continues to increase and therefore road users must take each other into greater consideration. ‘As of 8 June, in connection with the opening of Tartu's bike share system, nearly 750 additional cyclists will be added to the streets, which makes it very important that motorists as well as cyclists pay close attention to each other and signal the manoeuvres they are about to make to each other,’ said Tamm.

The city government adjures future users of the bike share system that the same traffic laws that apply to all cyclists also apply to those riding bike share system bicycles.

Last changed 31.05.2019