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Tartu awaits city residents to reflect on the topic of the Climate Action Plan

Tartu City Government Press Release

tartu vaade Photo: Tarmo Haud

23 September / Residents of Tartu will be able to review Tartu Energy 2030+, otherwise known as the new Tartu Energy and Climate Action Plan.

Proposals can be submitted via the City of Tartu’s website until 23 October, while the Action Plan is on public display.

The Action Plan provides an overview of energy production and consumption in Tartu and the impact thereof on the environment and climate, and sets the goal of making energy use in the city more efficient, increasing the production and consumption of renewable energy. The need to adapt to climate change, develop the city’s green network, and raise people’s awareness are also important.
‘Energy consumption is a part of everyday life for all of us, and therefore every citizen, company and institution has an important role to play in the successful implementation of the energy and climate plan’, said Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu. We expect all parties to reflect on and discuss the activities and solutions proposed in the Action Plan’.

The climate plan has set the goal of achieving climate neutrality in Tartu by the year 2050, with the intermediate goal being to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 per cent by 2030, as compared to 2010. The plan describes the objectives and activities of different sectors (district heating, electricity, transport, housing, waste management, etc.), which will help to reduce the impact on the environment and climate. Within the framework of the Climate Action Plan, the Tartu Strategic Action Plan for Bicycle Traffic 2020-2040 has also been prepared, concerning which the opinions of city residents are also awaited.

The Tartu Energy and Climate Action Plan can be viewed and feedback given at www.tartu.ee/tartuenergia2030


Last changed 23.09.2020