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Tartu invites interested parties to take part in Local Energy Information Day

Tartu City Government Press Release

Maarja peremajad Photo: Tiit Grihin

27 May / On Tuesday, 8 June at 17.30, those interested are welcome to attend the Local Energy Information Day, where the possibilities of small-scale renewable energy production in Tartu and the construction of solar power plants as a community activity will be discussed.

The discussion will cover the latest trends and technologies in solar energy, energy communities, the possibilities for their creation and their functioning. In addition, an overview of the City of Tartu’s plans and opportunities for participation in the activities of energy communities will be given.

Robert Mägi, energy systems engineer and solar energy enthusiast; Martin Kikas, Director of the Tartu Regional Energy Agency; and Annika Urbas, analyst at the Tartu Regional Energy Agency, will help participants understand local energy. Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm will provide an introduction to the information day.

According to Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, community energy enables both residents and entrepreneurs to produce renewable electricity for their own use, thereby reducing their energy costs. ‘This is an excellent opportunity to involve the local community in the transformation of the energy system and in doing so to accelerate the transition to renewable energy’, added Tamm.

The Local Energy Information Day will take place on 8 June, from 17.30 to 19.30, in the Lodjakoda barge workshop complex (Ujula 98). Due to restrictions, the Lodjakoda barge workshop complex can accommodate a maximum of 30 people. Other interested parties can follow the information day on the City of Tartu’s website, on the City of Tartu’s Facebook page, or on the City of Tartu’s YouTube channel.

To participate in the information day, please register here: www.tartu.ee/kalender/kodukandi-energeetika-infopaev

The information day is being organised by the Tartu City Government and the Tartu Region Energy Agency. The creation of community energy cooperatives is one of the activities in Tartu’s Energy and Climate Plan Tartu Energia 2030.

Additional information: Analyst at the City Resources Department, [email protected], telephone 524-2859

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Last changed 27.05.2021