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Tartu to introduce opportunities in the field of health at the EXPO 2020 Dubai World Expo business seminar

Tartu City Government Press Release


27 January / On 31 January, an entrepreneurship seminar, led by the City of Tartu and aimed at the development and integration of future health solutions, will be held in the Estonian pavilion of the Dubai World Expo, where Estonia’s digital health and molecular diagnostic solutions will be introduced to health experts from around the world.

According to Jaanus Pikani, head of the Tartu delegation, Estonia has already gained global recognition with the transformation of its health care system and modern technologies and digital solutions. ‘This gives us reason to hope for significant interest in the seminar and participating companies,’ Pikani said.

Roomer Tarajev, Smart City and Foreign Investment Manager in Tartu, said that the City of Tartu has also made the development of health technology an area of focus. ‘Tartu is one of the most important centres for the provision of health care in Estonia, while cooperating closely with research and development institutions. This supports the discovery of innovative solutions, thereby enriching the abundance and quality of the services available,’ Tarajev added.

At the heart of the health strategy of both Estonia and the United Arab Emirates are digital solutions that prevent mental health problems and support coping. The potential implementation in the United Arab Emirates of health and biotechnological solutions developed in Estonia offers new development horizons for companies. One example of cooperation is the Genome Project of the Estonian Genome Centre and the Emirates, which creates new opportunities for scientific research and development.

The seminar is organised by the City of Tartu together with the company Antegenes, which is the official partner of the EXPO 2020 Estonian Pavilion. In addition, Asper Biogene, Tervisetehnoloogiate Arenduskeskus AS, Connected Health Cluster, DocuMental, Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu, Migrevention, Nordwise Biotech, Solis BioDyne, Tartu Biotechnology Park, and Triumf Health are participating in the delegation from the City of Tartu. The delegation is led by Jaanus Pikani, Member of the Management Board of Tartu Biotechnology Park.

The goal of participating in the World Expo is to help Estonian companies and organisations to establish contacts, both in the Middle East region and around the world, thereby increasing the sales of their products and services. The World’s Fair will be open in Dubai until the end of March 2022.

Additional information:

Roomer Tarajev
Head of Smart City and Foreign Investment for the City of Tartu
[email protected]

Last changed 27.01.2022