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Tartu to receive an attractive riverbank promenade along the Emajõgi River

Tartu City Government Press Release

eskiis Photo: TajuRuum OÜ

18 January / By the end of this year, a riverbank promenade will be completed along the Emajõgi River, between Kaarsild Bridge and the Atlantis building in the centre of Tartu, transforming the embankment of the Emajõgi River into an attractive recreation area.

“The new promenade will open the Emajõgi River and its banks to people, while making our city centre even more attractive and open. Residents of Tartu love to spend time by the river, as demonstrated by the cafes along the river as well as the Delta Centre terraces,” said Urmas Klaas, Mayor of Tartu.

During the course of the works, depreciated bank fortifications and walkways on embankments, stretching from the Kaarsild Bridge to Atlantis, will be reconstructed. Stairs and platforms of different heights and widths will be built along the river, and a café area and observation terraces will be built. A new section of cycle and pedestrian track will be built, which will allow for various types of micro-mobility devices to travel parallel to the Emajõgi River along the left bank. The staircase located at the end of Kaarsild Bridge will be demolished and replaced with a new one. A 3.7 m wide reinforced concrete staircase will be built at the wharf and a 3.5 m wide ramp will be built to ensure the smooth functioning of the cycle and pedestrian track. Stone gardens will be built on either side of the Atlantis building.

The volume of work also includes the construction of additional utility networks and new lighting. In addition to the construction of the riverbank promenade, shore boundaries will be replaced along the entire section between the Atlantis building and Rahu Bridge, where the bank fortifications will be reconstructed and a new street pavement will be installed. The entire area will be renovated, as a result of which a modern and safe urban space will be created along the river.

In the procurement for the construction of a promenade on the left bank of the Emajõgi River, the city government declared the tender submitted by GRK Eesti AS, with a total cost of EUR 1,696,470, as successful.

According to Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamme, the interest of companies in building the riverbank promenade was gratifyingly high. “We received a total of seven offers. These construction works are quite complex from the point of view of the organization of work, the course of which is influenced by the water level of the Emajõgi River as well as the migration period of fish,” said Tamm.

The design of the bank fortifications on the left bank of the Emajõgi River is based on the draft plan prepared by TajuRuum OÜ. The reconstruction project was prepared by OÜ Tinter-Projekt.

The deadline for completion of the works is 30 November 2023. Work between the Rahu Bridge and the Atlantis building is expected to be completed by 30 June 2023.


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