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A total of 55 ideas were submitted to Tartu’s participatory budget

Tartu City Government Press Release

näitus kaarsillal Photo: Mana Kaasik

6 May / In this year’s participatory budget, the citizens of Tartu submitted 55 ideas on how to use EUR 200,000 from the city’s 2023 budget.

All of the ideas can be viewed in the Volis information system and opinions can be left for each idea.
The participatory budget process will continue with discussions between experts in their respective fields, who will assess the feasibility of the ideas. Their assessments will be announced at the end of May. Public discussions will then take place with the participation of those who submitted the ideas and the experts, and the 25 ideas that will be eligible for the referendum in October will be revealed.
Tartu first began experimenting with participative budgeting in 2013, and will be organising it for the tenth time year this year. To date, 16 ideas have been implemented with the support of the participative budget or are currently underway this year.
Ideas implemented so far: procurement of presentation equipment for the Laia Street Cultural Quarter, lowering of sidewalk kerbs, safety railings along the banks of the Emajõgi River between Kaarsild Bridge and Victory Bridge, the Arena Tartu draft project, the roof of the historic stable building at Raadi, the Pocket Park at the Widget Factory, walking trails along the banks of the Emajõgi River and in the Tähtvere Arboretum, the movement inspiring school courtyard at the Mart Reinik School, the yard of the Tartu Kesklinn School, the Annelinna athletic field, the cycle track along Soola Street, and the yard of the Tartu Catholic School.
This year, the construction of the Raadi green football park grandstand and the construction of a movement inspiring area in the yard of the Veeriku School will be completed. Last year’s winning ideas for the transformation of the port railway into a cycle and pedestrian track green corridor, and the modernisation of the Emajõgi beach area, are currently underway.
Additional information: http://www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve

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