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Winning ideas for the participatory budget have been revealed

Tartu City Government Press Release


12 October / A total of 4685 Tartu residents took part in the participatory budget vote, which took place from 6–12 October 2022, casting a total of 10 181 votes. The most votes were received by idea " Skiing and snowboarding slope in Tartu Snow Park" (965 votes) and idea "Take a seat, please!" (830 votes).

The winning idea is to expand the current Tartu Snow Park area in Raadi to build an artificial ski slope that could be used as a mountain skiing and snowboarding training course in winter.

The second idea wishes to install outdoor benches in all districts of Tartu. The plan is to collect suggestions from the city residents on where to install the benches. According to the calculation of the idea’s author, around 50-100 benches could be installed in the urban space.


•    Skiing and snowboarding slope in Tartu Snow Park (965 votes)
•    Take a seat, please! (830 votes)
•    Public water taps (703 votes)
•    Upgrading food sharing cabinets in Tartu (685 votes)
•    An observation tower by River Emajõgi (639 votes)
•    Sunset terrace in Ülejõe Park (597 votes)
•    Emajõgi bank maintenance (594 votes)
•    Pedestrian friendly traffic lights (531 votes)
•    Ropka outdoor gym (484 votes)
•    Swings in Tartu urban space (432 votes)
•    Noise radars in Tartu (430 votes)
•    Tartu, the true green capital (367 votes)
•    Pedestrian crossings on light traffic roads beside railway (357 votes)
•    Beverage packaging collection boxes (340 votes)
•    Book lending lockers next to Tartu libraries (337 votes)
•    Building work and leisure areas in Maarjamõisa Park (312 votes)
•    Raatuse residence linear park (302 votes)
•    Improving road safety near Tartu schools (294 votes)
•    Outdoor gym at Tamme Stadium (255 votes)
•    Pedestrian crossings in Karlova (245 votes)
•    Adding signposts to Ihaste forest trails (204 votes)
•    Pump track in Ülejõe Park (196 vote)
•    Bus stop bookcases (82 votes)

More information about the content of the ideas is available here: https://www.volis.ee/gvolis/osale/index?kid=14833

Each voter had the opportunity to choose between 23 ideas submitted by fellow city residents, and to cast up to 3 votes. In 2023 at least two of the ideas that received the most votes will be brought to life. The maximum upper limit for one idea is EUR 100,000. The total budget for Tartu’s participative budget is EUR 200,000.

 A total of 55 ideas were submitted to the participatory budget process, which began in the spring, with 23 ideas making their way through the meetings of experts and public discussions.

 The goal of the participatory budget is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation, and to actually bring something to life.

 Further information on the participatory budget: www.tartu.ee/en/participative-budgeting

Lilian Lukka

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Last changed 13.10.2022