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The city of Tartu crisis management team issues guidelines for the state of emergency

Tartu City Government Press Release


13 March / The city of Tartu crisis management team met again today to discuss the practical issues related to declaring the state of emergency and to issue guidelines for coping during the state of emergency.

According to the head of the Tartu City Government crisis management team, mayor Urmas Klaas, declaring a state of emergency requires reorganising everyday life. “It is important for us all to act in a thoughtful and calm manner, which is the only way we can keep the situation under control,” added the mayor.

Due to the state of emergency, starting Monday all public schools and hobby schools are closed, and all extracurricular activities are stopped until the end of the state of emergency or until further notice. 

Kindergartens will remain open, but the city government recommends that families keep all children home if possible and plan for the possibility of kindergartens also being closed. Only children who are in good health may be taken to kindergarten. Additionally, the city government requirement for those families that have travelled abroad to keep their child at home for two weeks remains in effect.

From 14 March, all sports centres that belong to the city of Tartu and are managed by the city office of Tartu Sport will be closed (the A.Le Coq sports building, the Turu St sports building, the Variku sports building, Tamme stadium, Tamme stadium mat hall, Visa hall, Annelinn artificial turf field, Mart Reinik stadium, Tarbus sports hall, Ilmatsalu sports hall, Tartu song festival ground’s main building). The Aura Water Centre was also closed to visitors today.

The Anne sauna is closed.

The Tartu market building will remain open, but all visitors are recommended to follow health requirements, to take into account the risks related to unpackaged foods, and the greater possibility of the virus spreading.

In the organisation of the city’s public transportation system, a decision was made to start disinfecting buses at terminal stations. In the interest of the drivers’ health, purchasing tickets from drivers has been stopped, and the front doors of buses will remain closed.

Citizens will no longer be received in the facilities of the city government (including the Tartu Town Hall information centre). Service will be provided by phone and e-mail.

The provision of essential social assistance will continue (incl. receiving applications for subsistence benefits, home care services, day care for dementia patients, etc.). The regional centres of the departments of social affairs and health will be opened on Mondays from 3 to 6 pm, and on Wednesdays from 8 am to 12 pm. The city government urges citizens to make personal appointments only under circumstances of dire need and, if possible, first contact these departments by phone or e-mail.

Those services that require personal presence will continue as well (for example, entering into marriages, registering divorces). Wedding registrations will not include ceremonies and gatherings. The city government also asks for funerals ceremonies to be organised at a smaller scale.

More detailed instructions and guidelines will be published as soon as possible at the Tartu city website.

For more information about the state of emergency: https://www.valitsus.ee/en/news/government-declared-emergency-situation-estonia-until-1-may

For more information about the spread of the corona virus:  https://www.terviseamet.ee/en/covid19

Last changed 14.03.2020